Expats Visa Holders for these countries will be allowed to enter in Kingdom

Expats Visa Holders
Expats Visa Holders

Great News for Expats Visa Holders for some countries. Recent news clarifies that expatriates living in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and 26 Schengen countries. General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) announced that they have directed the air carriers to allow entry to visa holders of above countries. They also directed to allow visa to people living in these countries irrespective of their current nationalities.

The eVisa for 49 countries raised this question. Riyadh Xpress contacted the visit visa team which stated there is a plan in place. This news is a great relief for people who wanted to visit Kingdom for visit, Umrah and family visits. But keep in mind the below things before buying tickets.

Important information for Expats Visa Holders

The directions sent on 4th December. So it might be possible that every airline company is not aware of this. It is recommended to contact the airline before travelling or buying ticket.

There are further two conditions which must be followed in order to get entry in Kingdom. Both of these conditions are necessary for the the entry.

1. The visa shall be valid for UK, USA or Schengen countries for the time you stay in Kingdom and be able to return back to country you are visiting from. Generally 6 months is a good time period of validity for any country.

2. The passport stamped from the allowed countries mentioned above at least once.

Please note Kingdom of Saudi Arabia still checks all the documents at the point of entry. This is regardless your point of entry in Saudi Arabia. To avoid confusion, contact the relative authorities for more information.

We hope this news will be fruitful to start the new calender year.

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