New digital system for Prophet’s mosque Rawdah entry

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New digital system for Prophet’s mosque Rawdah entry. Saudi Arabia has announced the implementation of a new, technology-driven mechanism for visiting the Rawdah Sharif at the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina.

New digital system for Prophet’s mosque Rawdah entry

The mechanism, which integrates the latest digital technologies, requires visitors to use barcodes for entry, scanned at automated gates.

Visitors must initiate their Rawdah visit procedures through the Nusuk platform. The platform will provide multi-language guidance on the visitation process and confirm appointments through the application.

Additionally, visitors will receive reminders 24 hours before their scheduled visit, with the option to confirm or cancel their appointment. The barcode for entry will be activated only at the specified time of the visit.

Upon arrival at the Prophet’s Mosque, visitors will be directed by guidance screens to designated entrances. Trained staff will assist them through the visit stages, including scanning barcodes at automated gates before entering the Rawdah Sharif. Special pathways have been allocated for people with special needs, and the opening areas will be adjusted based on the capacity of the Rawdah Sharif.

The visitation process is designed to be educational and comfortable. Electronic screens in multiple languages will inform visitors about the etiquette of visiting, and designated waiting areas are prepared for visitor comfort. Visitors will be guided through organised paths to the Rawdah Sharif and directed to exits after their visit.

An advanced digital system, including smart cameras and sensors, will monitor the flow of visitors. The system will track entry and exit patterns and visitor numbers through interactive thermal and geographical maps. Joint control rooms will manage crowd control and digital systems, facilitating coordination among all parties involved. This system aims to provide quick solutions for overcrowding and continuous service improvement through regular reporting

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