Moon Sighting first update from Tamir observatory 2024

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Moon Sighting first update from Tamir observatory 2024. Urgent Update: Ramadan Crescent Remains Unseen in Tamir, Saudi Arabia

Moon Sighting first update from Tamir observatory 2024

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Despite fervent efforts to spot the crescent moon signaling the start of Ramadan, reports from Tamir indicate that the lunar sighting has not been possible. This development has left residents and observers in anticipation as they await updates from other observatories across the Kingdom.

The inability to sight the Ramadan crescent in Tamir underscores the complexities of lunar observation and the significance placed on celestial sightings in determining religious events. As the wait continues, authorities and community members remain vigilant, relying on additional reports from various regions to confirm the official commencement of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia.

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