Ministry of Hajj details on Hajj this year – 2020

hajj 2020
hajj 2020

Ministry of Hajj details on Hajj this year have been announced for the year 2020. The first announcement is that hajj will not be allowed for tens of thousands. Al Arabiya mentioned that the limit for the number of people will not exceed 10,000. More details below.

Ministry of Hajj details on Hajj this year – 2020

It has also been said that people age 65 or above are not allowed to perform Umrah. Also, people will chronic diseases are not allowed. Pilgrims will be examined before they reach holy sites and will be subjected to house quarantine after performing the Hajj pilgrimage. More details below.

Officials Said: We will take care of the spacing procedures and avoid large crowds. Establishing a pilgrimage this year for pilgrims inside, and there are no exceptions The numbers of pilgrims will be few and specific. According to procedures and plans of the Ministry of Health to make this Hajj pilgrimage safe and healthy

The Minstry of Hajj also clarified that people from outside Saudi Arabia will not be allowed to perform Hajj this year. This is due to the current situation globally. Medical team and crew will be available on all sites.

Minister of Hajj: In light of the ongoing pandemic and the ease of spreading infection in gatherings and human crowds and to maintain global health security, it has been decided to establish a pilgrimage this year in very limited numbers for those wishing to perform the rituals of Hajj from the various nationalities present and residing in the Kingdom in a safe and healthy way in order to achieve social distancing.

Health Minister: The Kingdom has put in place a health plan and strict procedures for pilgrims this year that start before they reach the holy sites, so tests will be taken for them to ensure that they are not infected with the new Coronavirus.

Sources also mentioned that there will be a mdeical camp site in Mina to quarantine or separate any suspected cases.

Officials: We will provide media coverage for Hajj this year, according to health procedures, and in coordination with the Ministry of Information. We appreciate the countries that previously announced that they will not send their pilgrims this year.

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