Makkah on high alert with milestone numbers of pilgrims visiting for Umrah

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Makkah on high alert with milestone numbers of pilgrims visiting for Umrah. As the Umrah pilgrimage reaches its peak during the final days of Ramadan, Saudi authorities are ramping up their efforts to accommodate the influx of worshippers at the Grand Mosque, Islam’s holiest site. The General Authority for Care and Management at the Two Holy Mosques has mobilized thousands of qualified staff and cleaning laborers to ensure the smooth functioning of the Grand Mosque in Makkah, a focal point for Muslims, especially during Ramadan.

Makkah on high alert with milestone numbers of pilgrims visiting for Umrah

According to reports from the Saudi news agency SPA, prayer areas within the mosque have been equipped with over 25,000 carpets, along with 50 ablution sites and 3,000 toilets in the outer courtyards. Additionally, there are ample supplies of the blessed Zamzam water, with 15,000 containers readily available for worshippers.

In Makkah, health authorities have bolstered healthcare services at the Grand Mosque, ensuring that qualified personnel are on hand to attend to the needs of worshippers.

With Ramadan traditionally marking the busiest period for Umrah pilgrimages, particularly during the last 10 days of the lunar month, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has issued guidance to alleviate congestion.

Pilgrims are encouraged to practice cooperative behavior by avoiding peak times, utilizing public transportation, and utilizing other mosques in Mecca for prayers when the Grand Mosque is crowded.

Moreover, pilgrims are urged to refrain from repeating Umrah rites, allowing others the opportunity to perform them.

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