Muslim Artist Spends 3-Years Painting Holy Quran on Silk Pages with Gold

holy quran gold silk pages
holy quran gold silk pages

Holy Quran on Silk Pages with Gold

Holy Quran on Silk Pages with Gold. Every once in a while, the most mystical deeds pull off by artists or random people who are not random in the eyes of the world. Things that leave an individual entranced. A comparable accomplishment has accomplished by a Muslim painter, who went through 3 years of her creating masterpiece of the Holy Book worth billions.

Tunzale Memmedzade, an Azerbaijani painter went through 3-years, devoting her life to reworking the Holy Quran with gold on silk pages. The outcome is dazzling to such an extent that it would even dissolve the core of a nonbeliever.

Tunzale’s venture of reworking the Holy Quran began after she researched the procedure of rewriting the Holy Book. The art of Gold written on silk pages Quran reworked on such a large number of various materials, however, Tunzale discovered that no one had composed it on silk.

Tunzale took the official rendition discharged from the Diyanet, the Turkish Administration of Strict Issues, as the primary source. Somewhat more than 3 pints of fluid gold procured, alongside silver. The canvas of the Quran on silk was 164 feet of 11.4″ x 13″. Tunzale utilized the best silk accessible in blue shading.

In addition, this rendition of the Quran is being viewed as an artful culmination. During the procedure, no laws of the Quran were damaged, as the Quran gives a ton of references of silk itself.

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