GACA Spokesman: International Flight’s resumption will be similar to domestic

International Flights resumption
International Flights resumption

GACA Spokesman: International Flight’s resumption decision will be based on expert recommendations similar to domestic flights. The special committees which addressed the domestic flight’s resumption and measures will be part of this decision. More details below.

International Flight’s resumption will be similar to domestic

The spokesman mentioned to OKAZ/SG that there are specialized committees which carry out studies and recommend necessary steps. The same committees will advise on the time of international flights resumption accordingly. The domestic flights resumption took place 31st May 2020 with precautionary and preventive measures. These measures were also in line with the health experts advice.

Since 15th March, international flights suspended by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA). This decision was to make sure that the spread of coronavirus can be controlled externally. However, some external or international flight operations later resumed with the support of embassies and consulates. The repatriation of Saudi Citizens from different countries and repatriation of expatriates from Saudi is still in action.

Many foreign workers are still waiting on flights to be resumed. This includes people who are stranded in the Kingdom, workers with contract end, or some who just want to go back to their country during this stressful pandemic. Hopefully, the study by experts can help opening international flights, so people wanting to travel back to their country can go back to their loved ones.

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