Fuel Prices to be reduced by Saudi Aramco from October 2019

petrol prices riyadh xpreess
petrol prices riyadh xpreess

Fuel Prices to be reduced by Saudi Aramco

Great news for the car owners from Saudi Aramco. Saudi Aramco announced that the Fuel Prices will be reduced from 20th October 2019. Recently, Saudi Aramco has seen quite difficult time but it seems it didn’t affect their dedication. The reduction in the pricing shows that the Kingdom is still progressing quickly. It also shows that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cares about users.

New Prices from 20th October 2019

91-grade which is mostly used in all modern cars’ new price will be SAR 1.50 per liter. Previously the price of 91-grade petrol was SAR 1.53 per liter. The 91 grade is more commonly used in all cars these days. The reason for more usage of 91-grade petrol is affordability.

On the other hand, the premium 95 Grade Petrol will be priced at SAR 2.05 per liter. Previously the 95-grade petrol price was SAR 2.18. The difference of 13 Cents (or halala) is bigger compared to 91-grade petrol. The 95 Grade petrol is mostly used for high-performance vehicles that require more horsepower or other mechanical capabilities.

Picture Courtesy: Riyadh Xpress

When Petrol was cheaper than water

Over the past years, car owners in Saudi Arabia have seen a spike in fuel prices. This is compared to the time of Saudi Arabia when fuel used to be cheaper than a small bottle of water costing SAR 1. Every driver uses to get the fuel tanks full without thinking twice. Most of the young drivers used to fill the petrol for SAR 10 which mostly gave them half tank. Enough for their travels to school, colleges or visiting families.

Future of Petrol

The Kingdom still leads or provides better value when it comes to cheap petrol costs. However, more countries are now trying to compete with fuel prices and it has become a global competition overall. With the Electric Vehicles introduction, we don’t know how much fuel will be required for normal cars. Countries like the United Kingdom, United States, United Arab Emirates, and many others are trying to promote the Clean Environment.

We have seen many countries are leading to a clean environment with electric solutions. Countries like the Netherlands where they have implemented one of the best electric solutions and making the environment better for the citizens.

Recently, we have also seen the first electric charging point in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Please click here to read the full article. In Summary, we think petrol prices may reduce in the following year due to an increase in alternative electric and hydrogen solutions.

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