Foreign University Campuses to open in Saudi Arabia

foreign university saudi arabia
foreign university saudi arabia

Foreign University in Saudi Arabia

During October 2019, Education Minister Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh announced the great news that Foreign University Campuses opening in Saudi Arabia. This means Saudi Citizens can get higher education from foreign standard universities inside Saudi Arabia. As the Education Minister rightly said this will “achieve a qualitative leap in … empowerment, excellence and quality”.

The news was a joy for people living in the Kingdom. In the past, Saudi Citizens had to travel outside Kingdom for some courses. The change will bring families to make better future plans. Local or international university standards will also improve due to international competition. We also see this to be an advantage of grabbing international attention.

Cost Savings for student and parents

The foreign universities opening in Kingdom will save the cost which usually the case for those who travel to foreign countries. These costs include accommodation, daily expenses, and travel costs. Most students also fly back home more than 2 times in a year to meet their families. These extra costs can cause credit or debt for parents or students.

How many Foreign Universities are opening?

The sources say that initially there will be only three foreign universities as part of the initial scheme. However, the names of these universities are not declared yet.

New Home for International Students

The scheme will also attract international students. The home of luxurious cars, the biggest events and home of the best food will be amazing for international students. Saudi Arabia is also one of the safest countries to live in which will attract people’s interest. Some of the other benefits include cheap living, fewer taxes and new experience for everyone.

There was no news for expatriates but we assume that they will also be allowed to study in these universities. However, their fees might be different than locals as it happens in every other country.

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