5 Baqalas / Shops opens Late Night in Riyadh

baqala riyadh
baqala riyadh

5 Baqalas / Shops opens Late Night in Riyadh

Every Person living in Riyadh has asked this question. The reasons can be different for everyone, maybe soft drinks, comfort food, jellies or cigerettes. We have made a list of legendary 5 Baqalas / Shops opens Late Night in Riyadh. The happiness when you find something late night is out of the world. No matter someone sent you forcefully or it is your own craving

Al Wazarat – Hara

Wizarat DIstrict – Hara is a hub for all Asians and it is impossible to drive a long way to buy urgent groceries. Wadi Al Shamia in the center of Wizarat opens till midnight.

Location: Click Here


Olaya is the city center of Ar Riyadh & the hub of hotels, commercial and residential buildings. Meed Store in Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Rd, Al Olaya opens for 24 hours

Location: Click Here

Southern Ring Road

There are many gas stations in southern ring road which opens 24/7. But Nadwa Shop is the best of all.

Location: Click Here

Airport Petrol Pump

Saptco Petrol Station, Riyadh Front. It is a lifesaver for people lives near Yasmin till Ghirnata. There are also many places here to eat such as Baskin Robbins, Shawarma, Burger King, etc. So next time, if you are craving an Ice Cream or Whooper you know where you can go.

Location: Click Here

Qasim Highway

Sahel petrol station and grocery mart open 24/7. The mart is near to Al Yasmin, Al Malga, Aarid area. The station offers many restaurants nearby.

Location: Click Here

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