Acid attack on a sleeping husband

acid husband
acid husband

In the region of Jazan, Saudi Husband accused his wife of attacking him with acid. The News reported on a Saudi Newspaper on Sunday. Strange and frightening news but here is what happened.

The Husband said that He was sleeping in the reception area. The woman who attacked the Saudi man is actually his second wife. She used a wife a “caustic liquid” on the body and face for the acid attack. After the attack, the wife stopped the spouse to leave the house.

“She kept vowing to kill me until I found the keys and got out calling for help from the neighbors because I could not see properly and my body was burning,” he claimed.

The identity of the Saudi man and reason is not yet disclosed because of the nature of the case. These types of cases are not normal in Saudi Arabia. But the investigation is continuing. The Woman is released on bail but pending further investigations.

The Husband also mentioned that he would sleep in the reception area and drop her to the family’s home in the morning. But he was shocked by her act during sleep. The Husband was taken to the Hospital in Jazan.

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