Windows users vulnerable after 14th January 2020

windows january
windows january

Microsoft announced that Windows users can be vulnerable after 14th January 2020. These users will be main target for viruses or any compatibility issues. A large number of computers will need to upgrade. Any Computer using Windows 7 will be affected by this change. These computers include professional, standard or any version of Windows 7.

What will happen if you don’t upgrade?

Windows 7 mainstream support ended in January 2015. Due to a high number of users, Microsoft decided to extend the support. The End of Life for Windows 7 means there will be no bug fixes, updates, and security patches. Users are more vulnerable to any malware attacks. Internet Criminals will be finding these vulnerable users to get the data. A similar thing happened with Windows XP.

Business Users Support for Windows 7 after 2020

Businesses will be paying a huge sum of fees for extending any support for Win7 OS. There will also be high fees to migrate business computers because it can cost fortune later. Any Third party selling such services is not recommended. Only Microsoft can offer these services. Keep in mind, some companies will offer these services because vulnerable companies will be afraid from these attacks.

What Happens if you don’t upgrade to Windows 10?

Computer running Windows 7 after January 2020 will be vulnerable. If you have any computers but can’t upgrade due to software compatibility. Disconnect these computers from the internet. Use these computers for specific tasks only as it will be disastrous.

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