What to do if someone in your house isolating or has coronavirus

house isolating
house isolating

What to do if someone in your house isolating or has coronavirus symptoms. This is one of the most asked questions on the internet these days due to the current pandemic. The Ministry of Health has prepared a special answer or guidelines for people to take the right steps.

What to do if someone in your house isolating or has coronavirus

What is House or Home Isolation?

House or Home isolation is the separation of a person who is confirmed to be infected with Coronavirus or suspected of being infected with those around them at home in a manner that prevents the spread of the disease. 

Who are suggested to isolate at home ?

  • Those with mild symptoms that do not warrant hospitalization.
  • Positive cases that have mild symptoms and recovered to complete the period of medical isolation at home 
  • Those in contact with confirmed cases who do not have symptoms or have mild symptoms and are awaiting sample results.

House Isolation Conditions

  • Having a dedicated bedroom as far away from other people as possible. 
  • There is a separate toilet if possible, but when there is a shared toilet, it must be taken to sterilize it after each use.
  • Opening windows continuously and ensuring good ventilation.
  • Disinfect widely used surfaces, such as door handles.

So that the infection does not spread to other people in the same house. The following must be adhered to:

  • Assign one person who cares and helps when needed.
  • Awareness of preventive precautions, including how to wash hands and wear a mask, as well as a glove.
  • The caretaker is obligated to wear protective gear (gloves and mask) every time he communicates with the lonely person. 

What do you need during this period? House Isolating

  • Do not leave your home unless you need medical care.
  • Isolate yourself in a well-ventilated room.
  • Reduce your movement inside the house.
  • Eat healthy food and more than vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of fluids and do not share your food with anyone.
  • Avoid receiving visitors, especially visits of people most vulnerable to severe diseases.
  • Watch for symptoms and when you feel a cough, high temperature, or trouble breathing, call 937.
  • If you have a medical appointment that cannot be postponed, call and tell them you are infected or you may have COVID-19
  • Stay away from pets at home to reserve.

Your main precautions:

  • Wear the medical mask you and your caregiver 
  • Leave a distance of two meters when you need to communicate with those around you.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing
  • Wash or sterilize your hands frequently

Your personal care:

  • Sterilize the room and clean it daily
  • Wash your clothes (90 ° – 60 °) and dry them well 
  • Make one toilet for you
  • Do not share your gadgets with others
  • Use a trash can with a tight lid
  • Use single-use paperware

What does someone who lives in the same house do? House Isolating

  • Staying two meters away from the affected person and avoiding unnecessary physical contact.
  •  Wear a muzzle and gloves when dealing with an infected person or personal items, such as dishes 
  • Not to share personal tools that the patient uses such as food dishes, glasses, towels, bedding, or electronics, such as mobile.
  • Cleans frequently contacted surfaces such as lights switches and doorknobs. 
  • Wash hands before and after touching the patient, his tools, or his food for a period of not less than 40 seconds
  • Wash your clothing and bedding in insulated water with warm water and detergent, and dry them well.
  • Educate children about ways to prevent and protect against transmission.
  • When any symptoms, such as heat, coughing, or shortness of breath, appear, go immediately to a clinic that assures.


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Stay Safe by following precautionary measures given by the government

  • Free movement with taking care of precautionary measures given by the government. Cautiously we returned to normal life.
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