Top Google Searches in Saudi Arabia VS The World

google searches
google searches

Saudi Arabia’s google searches trend is changing compared to other parts of the world. We have created a list of Top Google Searches in Saudi Arabia VS The World. The list is made from Google Trends Report.

Top Google Searches Trend in 2019

1) بوابة المستقبل – Future Gate
2) جدارة – Merit
3) كتبي – My Books
4) مباريات الدوري السعودي – Saudi League Matches
5) كاس الخليج – The Gulf Cup
6) ياسر القحطاني – Yasser Al-Qahtani
7) اكتتاب ارامكو – Aramco Subscription
8) غصون في الوحل – A Branch in the mud
9) المنتخب السعودي – The Saudi National Team
10) يوم الطفل – Children’s Day

Please note the translation used is translated by automated google translate. This can be a bit different from the original words. Below are the top trending Google searches in 2019 globally.

Top Trending Google Searches in 2019 Globally

India vs South Africa
Cameron Boyce
Copa America
Bangladesh vs India
iPhone 11

News Stories
Copa America
Notre Dame
ICC Cricket World Cup
Hurricane Dorian
Rugby World Cup

Antonio Brown
James Charles
Jussie Smollett
Kevin Hart

Avengers: Endgame
Captain Marvel
Toy Story 4

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