The Riyadh Season continues to shine with the largest concert – The night of Yasser Bou Ali

Yasser Bouali
Yasser Bouali

Report by Waqar Naseem Wamiq, Riyadh. The Riyadh Season continues to shine with excellence and success. Another great event “The night of Yasser Bou Ali”. It sets a new date with beautiful singing and authentic singing, by organizing the largest concert. The most beautiful artistic and legendary evening, which is the night of the Saudi composer Yasser Bou Ali. The concert will be held on Friday, December 27th. The event will take place at the theater of the Arab artist, Mohamed Abdou in the Riyadh Boulevard. The event will be part of the “Legends Nights” concerts launched by the General Authority of Entertainment.

Who is Performing?

The night of the composer Yasser Bouali comes entitled (Let the music tell the story of life). It is an exceptional lyrical night with the participation of 7 of the most famous stars of singing in the Kingdom, the Gulf, and the Arab world. These talents include Rashid Al Majed, Rabah Saqr, Nawal Al Kuwaiti, Majed Al Muhandes, Angham, Fouad Abdel Wahid, And the artist Ayed Youssef. There is no doubt that the presence of this elite of Arab singing stars makes it one of the biggest singing nights in the “Riyadh season”. But rather one of the largest artistic concerts throughout the Arab world. The giants of singing participate in the revival of lyrical nights gathering with a taste crowd of fine art word and melody.

The capital Riyadh will witness one of its most beautiful artistic and musical nights. On this night in which the giants of art and music meet, to sing the sweetest melodies, and sweeten the inspiring words that narrate the story of melody. The word and music, with a wonderful performance known to these artists with wide popularity. These stars will present a group of the most beautiful melodic masterpieces of composer Yasser Bouali. Yasser has achieved great success and popularity in the Gulf and Arab arenas. His composing works were distinguished by delicate artistic taste and beautiful diversity, which satisfies various musical tastes in the Arab world.

The Artistic Night

The night of the Saudi composer Yasser Bouali paints innovative artistic paintings. His work picturesque creativity in a wonderful way, through unique audio and visual effects. The modern designs in the theater, dazzling lighting and laser technologies, attractive sound systems, with the latest visual technology, and 3D presentations, to add more Fun, distinction, and excitement on this night, to take the legendary character of reality and reality as its organizers wanted. In addition to its distinguished design a different creative template for each artist. The creativeness suit his artistic personality and his chosen songs. So that each of them will have a distinct identity, a mood inspired by the words, melody, and storyboard for each song on Sharpness.

The night is supervised by an executive team that includes a group of distinguished national competencies and prominent international names in the field of directing, production and theater design, among them the famous American international director Napoleon Diomo, who won several prestigious international awards, including the prestigious Emmy Award in 2011 and 2014. He achieved remarkable success in directing many prominent international events and major concerts.

Yasser Bou Ali

The musician, Yasser Bouali, began his artistic breakthrough in the world of tunes with the artist Rashid Al-Majed, when he presented him with a romantic melody for the song “Gift” in 2008, and then he started with him through a group of lyric works, until he composed more than 15 singing works.

Rabeh Saqr

The artist Rabeh Saqr is also considered the most prominent singer of Yasser Bouali’s tunes. He sang with more than 20 songs from his tunes. He started his cooperation with him in 2008 in the album “Ehsas”. In addition to a group of singing works, to make Rabah and Bouali a “successful musical twinning”. She added There are many of them, and it was one of the reasons for the consolidation of their artistic steps.

Rashid Al Faris

He also sang from his songs composed by artist Rashid Al Faris, who collaborated with him for the first time in the album “Something Second” in 2010 AD, and after the success of the artistic experiment, he repeated cooperation with him again in an album entitled “Nawi” in 2016 AD.

Majed Al-Mohandes

He also collaborated with the artist Majed Al-Mohandes. Majed needed him from his melodic beginnings. He sang from “Khalas Baad” after the song he presented in his album “Ansi” in 2008. After its success, the cooperation continued, reaching the number of tunes that the engineer had 14 tunes.

Kuwaiti Actress Nawal and Angham

The Kuwaiti Actress Nawal won a number of Boali tunes in great cooperation between them. She achieved the romantic songs composed for great success and spread in the Arab world. Also, the artist Angham collaborated with him. She composed songs in her Gulf album “Raah Remember Me” in 2018, which was a great success.

The beautiful tunes presented by Yasser BouAli to the great singing stars. He contributed to expanding the circle of his cooperation with the artists. Attracting many artists to him to compose their works. For example Ibrahim Al Hakami, Walid Al Shami, Ayed Yousef, Dalia Mubarak, Abdul Majeed Abdullah, Hussein Al Jasmi, Talal Salama, Fouad Abdel Wahid, Shama Hamdan, Ismail Mubarak, and others.

The Composer – Yasser Bou Ali

The composer Yasser Bouali recorded his name in letters of gold on the list of composers. The stars competed in the operas at the (Janadriyah) festival. He created the composer of the opera “Imams and Kings” in 2018. It was performed by the artists Muhammad Abdo, Rashid Al Majid, Abdul Majeed Abdullah, Rabeh Saqr, Rashid Al Fares. And Majid Al-Muhandis. He mastered the drafting of a set of national paintings on many occasions that the country was centered on and inspired.

The foregoing makes the legendary character of the composer Yasser Bouali for the “Riyadh Season”. This is the largest season in Saudi Arabia. Full of many pleasant surprises and amazing events for his followers since its inception.

  • Date and Time: 27th December
  • Cost of Tickets: SAR 183 – 525

Facilities at the event

  • Firstly, Prayer Room.
  • Secondly, Toilets.
  • Thirdly, First Aid Clinic.
  • Taxi.
  • VIP Entrance.
  • Disability Zone.
  • Parking.
  • Lastly, Food Trucks.

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