The Largest Festival in the Middle East Set to Kick Off Today in Riyadh

mdl beast largest festival riyadh xpres
mdl beast largest festival riyadh xpres

The Largest Festivals in the Middle East Set Out Today in Riyadh

  • 5 Major Theaters With International Standards
  • Monsters wait for the best Riyadh beast

Waqar Naseem Wamiq, Riyadh – Audiences watching the DJ shows are watching the 3-day. MDL beast festival to kick off today in Riyadh. The largest music festival in Riyadh.

The festival distinguished for hosting 5 major theaters designed at the highest international standards and with professional specifications. These theaters will witness musical connections to a large number of international artists. Some of whom come to the region for the first time.

The Big Beast

The Big Beast theater is the first and main festival in the world. The largest theater in the world for 2019, as it will host stars

  • David Gita
  • Tiesto
  • Martin Garrix
  • Black Coffee
  • Marco Carola
  • In addition, to local talents, including DJ Dash Dash, who previously participated in Musical events
  • Omar Ba Saad
  • Final Mode.

Yogi Peace 1 & 2

As for the second and third stages, they are “Yogi Peace 1, 2”, and these two stages will host international and local DJ “Underground” examples, such as Danny Tanaqulah, Nicole Modaber, Cassie, Kerry Chandler, Jumperster, Palo, Anmar, and others.

Down Beast

“Down Best” is the fourth-best theatrical theater of Best, as it was created to provide a space to relax fleeing from the clamor and high rhythms, as it will host DJs and musicians, including Night Mears On Wax, LTG Bookm, Kroeder and Dorfmeister, and local musicians such as The Do Oh Nora and Shane, RKJ, Lady Lu.

Saudi Beast

As for the fifth festival theaters, it is “Saudi Beast”, which is the pride of Middle Beast, which is a theater dedicated to local talents and emerging Saudi talents, and will host theater artists: Animals, Palo, CosmiCat, Shower Dash, Final Mode, Abs, Rio, Shisma, and others.

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