Saudi Arabia to increase Mobile Operators in 2020

mobile operators
mobile operators

Saudi Arabia’s Commission of Communications and Information Technology is going to increase competition between mobile operators. They recently announced that ” Saudi market to new mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in a bid to increase competition and drive innovation in the mobile communications sector.” This means STC, Mobily and Zain will face more competition in the market and consumers will have more choice. Below are more details.

The application time is until 10th May 2020 for submission of the proposal. The applicants will also need to follow country’s telecom regulations and laws in case they get selected. According to the commission, the licensing to more providers increase competition and innovation. The new provider means there will also be more jobs in the industry. The End users will also get better deals because of more competition and it will help the economy.

Generally, the opening of markets to new Mobile Network Operators has been proven fruitful. This goes for businesses and consumers globally. The investment of 5G technology has also been increased by current suppliers. New Providers coming to the country means better implementation and research on 5G. The MVNOs initially introduced in 2015. After the launch of license, Virgin Media and Lebara KSA launched their services. Virgin Media launched its service on STC Network and Lebara using Mobily’s network infrastructure.

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