7 Most Icy-Cold Cities of Saudi Arabia in Winter

Icy-Cold Cities Saudi Arabia

Icy-Cold Cities of Saudi Arabia

People think Saudi Arabia is the desert and hot country. But, the winters in Saudi Arabia are freezing. Let’s discuss the 7 icy-cold cities in Saudi Arabia during winters.

  1. Ha’il
  2. Turaif
  3. Tabuk
  4. Rafha
  5. Sakaka
  6. Arar
  7. Abha



Firstly, Ha’il is the north-western city of Saudi Arabia & the capital of the Ha’il Region in the Kingdom. Secondly, it is famous for agriculture, with significant fruit, grain, and date production. It is one of the freezing cities in the region. -2°C is the lowest temperature this year the Ha’il city will witness.



Turaif is a town in Northern Outskirts Territory, Saudi Arabia, near the fringe with Jordan. -1°C is the lowest temperature this year the Turaif Town will witness.


Rafha - Icy-Cold Cities Saudi Arabia

Located in Northern Region, Rafha is a town of Saudi Arabia, close to the border with Iraq. 0°C is the lowest temperature this year the Rafha Town will witness.


Tabuk - Icy-Cold Cities Saudi Arabia

Tabuk region is located in the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia. City Tabuk is the capital of the region with the Jordanian & Saudi Arabian border nearby. The blanket of snow in Tabuk last week mesmerized the residents & citizens. 0°C is the lowest temperature this year the Tabuk will witness.


Sakaka - Icy-Cold Cities Saudi Arabia

Sakaka in the northwestern city of Saudi Arabia which is the capital of Al Jawf Territory. It is found just toward the north of the A Nafud desert. Above all, 0°C is the lowest temperature this year the Sakaka will witness.


Arar - Icy-Cold Cities Saudi Arabia

Arar is situated in northern Saudi Arabia close to the Iraqi outskirt. It is known for its rich field lands which loans itself well to its chief control of sheep and camel grouping. Above all, 1°C is the lowest temperature this year Arar will witness.


Abha - Icy-Cold Cities Saudi Arabia

Lastly, Aseer Region’s capital city, Abha is close to the Red Sea in southwest Saudi Arabia. It’s known for the rocky heaps of Aseer National Park, which is home to winged animals, thick juniper timberlands and the transcending Jabal Soodah top. 2°C is the lowest temperature this year Abha city will witness.

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