Finland’s Sanna Marin – The Youngest Prime Minister in the World

finland perime minister riyadh xpress
finland perime minister riyadh xpress

Finland chooses Sanna Marin as its new prime minister. Sanna Marin has become the youngest prime minister in the world. The country will also be led by a new and female-majority cabinet.

Sanna Marin is just 34 years. She already becomes a social media sensation in the world. Impressed the whole world by elected as prime minister of Finland. Sanna’s government will have a 117 seat majority. The new Prime minister has worked as the minister of transport and communication since June this year.

Marin’s new finance minister, Katri Kulmuni, is even younger at 32, and only one of her coalition partners is over 35.

Before Sanna Marin, Ukraine had the youngest Prime Minister at the age of 35. His name is Volodymyr Zelensky and he was elected in August.

Firstly, this is one of the biggest changes in politics ever. Secondly, it seems like countries are accepting the fact that the young generation should be responsible for countries. Thirdly, it will empower youngsters to make critical decisions for their age fellows and next generations.

Above all, we hope to see other countries joining Finland in this change.

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