The Ministry Decides to Cancel Separate Restaurant Entrances for Singles and Families in Saudi Arabia

restaurants family single riyadh xpress
restaurants family single riyadh xpress

Restaurant Entrances in Saudi Arabia

Restaurant Entrances in Saudi Arabia – The Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs decides to cancel separate entrances for singles and families in restaurants so that there will be one entrance for all.

Why there is a Family Section in Saudi Arabia?

Previously, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia use to have seperate sections for families and singles. However the single section was only made for male singles. The idea was to have privacy for female individuals in families or friends to freely enjoy without restrictions. These sections were in malls, restaurants and other social places.

Official Announcement

There also use to be a time where male singles were not even allowed in malls. We are not talking about decades. This time was very recent, before the current King of Saudi Arabia. King Salman and Prince Mohammad Bin Salman introduced a more relaxed and social environment for everyone. The citizens and expatriates living in Saudi Arabia are welcoming the decisions.

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