Pakistan Projected on Jeddah’s Social Landscape

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Pakistan Projected on Jeddah’s Social Landscape

Pakistan Projected on Jeddah’s Social Landscape.

Jeddah – A Social Icon of Love and affection Dr. Mansour Memon along with his brotherly companion Rafiq Memon (a leading Rice Exporter and businessman) and his Wife Dr. Mumtaz Rafiq put a red carpet welcome to recently arrived Consul General of Pakistan, H.E. Khalid Majed, and his family.

It was indeed a well-attended and well-represented event with unprecedented participation from the diplomatic community. Almost 25 plus international missions were represented at various diplomatic levels, such as the US, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Turkey, Oman, Palestine, Greece, Germany, Maldives, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Somalia, South Africa, Ghana, and Ethiopia. Permanent representatives of various countries at OIC also attended the event. Pakistani diplomats in attendance, and the newly appointed Pakistan PR Ambassador Rizwan Saeed Sheikh.

A senior Pakistani diplomat commented, “We are a proud nation to have a patriotic son of soil like you for portraying the country’s positive image in the international community. He added, “You are a bag of wonderful surprises”. The graceful reception showcased Pakistan‘s cultural traditions in celebrating Sindhi Ajrak’s day. The guests were presented with Ajrak and Shawls of Thar.

The event was orchestrated and decently conducted by all-time stage maestro Dr. Mansour Memon.

  • Firstly, Dr. Memon held the proceedings with Poetic diction from English and Urdu and keep the audience engaged and mesmerized.
  • Secondly, Sona Rafiq Memon welcomed the distinguished guests and presented a flower to the wife of Guest of Honor, Mrs. Khalid Majed.
  • Thirdly, Dr. Mumtaz Rafiq presented the cultural treasure of Thar-SHAWL to Mrs.Khalied Majed.
  • Fourthly, Dr. Mansour and Rafiq Memon had the privilege of presenting Ajrak to H.E. Khalid Majed.
  • Lastly, Dr. Memon nicely yet convincingly narrated the fact that Pakistan is a peace-loving country and maintained its brotherly relations all around. The country guides its nationals to spread the message of unity, friendship, tolerance, and social positive networking and hence this august gathering is a reality check of this notion.

Council General

The Council General remarked that he is speechless with the extraordinary love and affection showed by memons and it feels like a marriage ceremony of highest standards. Thank you for an absolutely delightful evening with such an elite crowd, great ambiance, superfood selection and of course the outstanding welcome. Above all, it did not appear as if it was anything less than a diplomatic function.

The CG further commented, “A most memorable evening indeed”. He paid a rich tribute to the father of Dr. Memon, Mr. GM MEMON (BABA SAEEN) a star of his time in bureaucracy.

Baba-e-Riyadh Qazi Ishaq Memon specially flown in from Riyadh and remarked performance and declamation is impressing, “Thank you for the kind invitation, it is an honor for me being involved such a distinguished community”, he said.

Ch. Basher Ahmed, a renowned businessman and president of Arayin Community came all the way from Riyadh to grace the occasion and praised the unparalleled arrangements.


Ambassador Saleh permanent representative of Turkey at OIC spoke eloquently on behalf of the Diplomatic community. He observed that this is a unique initiative of Individuals. For promoting Country’s image and paid rich tribute to Rafiq Memon & Dr. Mansour Memon – known for such leading creativity and ingenuity.

In addition, other diplomats and distinguished guests, in general, commented, “Lovely evening and a very impressive welcome reception.”

The event heralded by a super delicious welcome cake cutting by Council General Khalid Majid. His Wife Khalid Khalid and Hosts Memon Family, Baba Saeen GM Memon, Excellences and distinguished guests. The reception enriched with the delicious international cuisine of the Sheraton Hotel.

To sum up, Dr. Memon gracefully paid rich gratitude to The Custodian of Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdulaziz and the Crown Prince and the entire Government for permitting to engage in such events and prayed for their health and closed with the slogan of long live Pakistan-Saudi relations.

Finally, the iconic Dr. Memon concluded the ceremony with sincere thanks to all presented and remarked with the thought of the day, have Faith, attitude, and living a life of success.

Above all, Pakistan Projected on Jeddah’s Social Landscape was a huge success.

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