No Abaya and Mahram for Tourists Visiting Saudi Arabia

no abaya
no abaya

No Abaya and Mahram – Saudi Arabia Tourism

No Abaya and Mahram for tourists. Saudi Arabia has recently announced that they will be releasing a new Saudi Tourism Visa shortly for 49 countries. This is due to the aim of increasing tourism to rise from 3% to 10% by 2030.

Breaking News on Abaya

Tourism Minister Ahmad al-Khateeb mentioned earlier, that Foreign Women Visitors will not be required to wear Abaya by law which use to happen before but not under the new tourist visa. This is still required for Citizens of the Kingdom but not tourists. However, the dressing must still be modest as the Kingdom will keep some aspect of dressing.

Do Women Still require Mahram or Sponsor?

Great News, with the new visa there will be no restrictions on Women Travelers to be accompanied by Male Traveler as they will be allowed to travel on their own. Al-Khateeb also mentioned in his talk that “Our cities are among the safest cities globally. Therefore, we don’t believe at all it will impact our plans. We have all the expats living in Saudi Arabia, enjoying Saudi Arabia. We’re very secure.”

Can Non-Muslim Travellers visit Makkah and Medina?

The answer is this question is no, the Kingdom is still not ready to allow the tourist to visit the holy cities.

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  1. […] The Tourism Industry also added that Women Tourists won’t need any mahram or required to wear abaya under tourism visa. […]

  2. Are the women expatriates who are living and working in the the kingdom allowed not to wear Abaya as well.



    1. Decent Dressing Allowed.

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