5 Must Visit Places in Riyadh Region

5 must visit places riyadh
5 must visit places riyadh

5 Must Visit Places in Riyadh Region

The Capital City of Saudi Arabia has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping, malls and entertainment but there are also some breathtaking places in or near Riyadh which can’t be neglected. We have made a list of 5 Must Visit Places in Riyadh Region for you to visit in 2019.

  1. Ad Diriyah
  2. Edge of the World
  3. Heet Cave
  4. Red Sand Desert
  5. Wadi Namar


Ad-Diriyah is a beautiful traditional town located in North-western outskirts of the capital city Riyadh. The historical place of Ad-Diriyah has a history which goes back to 1744 when it was the original home of the Saudi Royal Family. The old city ruin’s known as Wadi Hanifa is also must place a visit where you can walk by foot. You can find mud brick and short towers which were used for observation previously. Some of the places to see in Ad-Diriyah are: :

  • Salwa Palace – First Saudi State
  • Saad bin Saud Palace – Largest palaces on site
  • The guest house and At-Turaif Bath House – Courtyard and rooms
  • Imam Mohammad bin Saud Mosque – Historic Mosque
  • Mosim Park – Football Ground
  • Al-Bujairi – Surrounded by palm trees

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  1. Need to know that I am an expat living in Saudi Arabia non Muslim, whether is it compulsory to wear abata everytime when I get out ?

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