Indian Forum for Education (IFE) Organized a Workshop for the Students

Indian Forum for Education
Indian Forum for Education

Written By Shahzeen Eram

Indian Forum for Education (IFE, Riyadh) organized a workshop for the students of Grade XI and XII at Al Yasmin International School Riyadh on 14th December 2019. The topic of the workshop was “How to fill the NEET form without error”. The workshop was of great significance keeping in view the fact that every year a high number of NEET forms are rejected due to errors in the online application forms.

Forums Started with Holy Quran

The workshop started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by a student at Al Yasmin International School. The Name of the student was Master Imteyaz. A welcome speech was given by the Principal of the school. Dr. Rahmatullah welcomed all the attendees.

Dr. Dilshad Ahmad briefly described the objective of the forum. He also discussed the benefits of workshop. One of his key topics was the online application form. He mentioned, “Many forms were rejected in the previous years due to inaccurate information provided.” Dr. Ahmad advised filling the online application with the utmost care.

Abdul Ghaffar started the training with general information about NEET. He highlighted the important dates, documents and required specification for filling the forms.

Live Demo by Experts

Dr. Faisal Kamal Zaidi showed a live demo of online application forms. He expressed the necessary step to be followed during the form filling process. This process includes important dates for form submission and rectifying period. He also talked about the required documents and specifications for uploading in the online application. Other important requirements were also discussed during this session.

After the live demo session by Dr. Faisal. A Question and Answer session was organized with students and parents. During this session students and parents got a chance to clarify their doubts. A large number of students, teachers, and parents were present in the workshop. The participants gave a very enthusiastic response and actively participated in the workshop.

Vibrant Members at the sessions

Vibrant members of the forum were also present during the session. These members include:

  • Shahzad Samdani
  • Dr. Anees Ansari
  • Eng. Farhan Hashmi
  • Eng. Shahzad Khan
  • Zaheen Iqbal

The workshop ended with a vote of thanks given by Salman Khalid. These workshops help the community to share their views. The sessions also helped students to learn the proper process suggested by the experts. Parents should also take an active part in these types of sessions. With the help of the sessions, parents can understand the importance of the correct process. These workshops also help the parent to become part of their children’s life.

Indian Form of Education is taking the right step in making a better-integrated society. We hope this type of workshop will increase by other communities. The multi-cultural event can also help by accommodating joint sessions. The Expat Community in Kingdom is full of experts in different fields. These Experts from different can increase knowledge and decrease the technological gap in society.

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