Increase in Number of Divorces in Saudi Arabia


Divorces in Saudi Arabia

Divorces in Saudi Arabia – The number of Divorces has increased in general everywhere but it is shocking to see these numbers increasing in the Kingdom. There were 11,000 marriages in the last month as well. However, there were 4,797 divorces recorded in last month only. The worry is the number of divorces reaching almost 50% in a month compared to marriage contracts.

The Justice Ministry released the report on Tuesday. Sources say that “The report said about 48 percent of the divorce cases took place in Riyadh and Makkah (Saudi Gazette, 2019).” On average, there were almost 160 divorces every day in the last month as per the surprising 4,797 number. When compared with an average number of marriages around 367.

Most of the cases were in Makkah and Riyadh. There were 1,191 divorce cases in Riyadh and 1,108 in Makkah. 701 in Eastern Province, 415 in Asir, 227 in Qassim, 175 in Hail and 156 in Tabuk Areas, Most of the cases were of Saudi Couples which is 4,318. However, Expat divorce cases also add up to 479.

These divorces may have an impact on society. If there are children involved in these divorces, their lives will also be impacted. This also shows that our societies must not force decisions on their kids. Arrange Marriages must also ask for proper consent and understanding between the two individuals getting married.

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