Seminar on the impact of India’s CAA and NRC in Riyadh

caa and nrc
caa and nrc

CAA and NRC in Riyadh

Shahzeen Eram – Jamia Millia Islamia Alumni Association, Riyadh (JMIAA-R) organized a seminar on “Impact of CAA and NRC at a leading hotel in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

FIrstly, to mark the 99th foundation day of the prestigious Indian university, the leading alumni association stood to show their solidarity with Jamia Millia Islamia fraternity. Secondly, by attending the seminar on the widespread and current political debate on CAA – Citizens’ Amendment Act and NRC – National Registration of Citizens circulating among the Indian nationals globally, in large numbers.

Chief Guest for the event, Prof. Manoj Jha, a popular and secular Indian leader, and Member of Parliament representing Rajya Sabha said, “The Constitution of India is Supreme. All Indians must have faith in the power of the constitution and the constitutional rights granted to every citizen of India.”

Speaking on occasion in reference to the widespread protests against the attacks on students of Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University by the Indian police he said, “The situation speaks of grave violation of law and order in the country. It is time when all Indians must stand together to protect the democratic fabric of the country in the face of the challenges surfacing the country. The leadership and its citizens must always be guided by constitutional laws to protect the larger interest of the democratic, secular and socialist republic of India and its masses.” He thanked the JMIAA-R for organizing this event and to show concern about their alma mater.

Guest of Honor

Speaking on the event, Guest of Honor Mrs. Sameera Aziz, Chairperson at Sameera Aziz Group of Companies, a journalist, writer and news editor said “Education is the biggest weapon to bring about a positive change in the society. I am proud to be able to promote Saudi culture and art through the use of Urdu – the purest and sweet language of the world.”

Similarly, Mr. Mohd. Amanullah, an Indian entrepreneur based in Riyadh and the Guest of honor shared that “Today, it is the blessing of quality education that Saudi Arabia is witness to this elite gathering of able professionals representing the JMI Alumni. In addition, coming from various fields and standing united for a national cause in a foreign country”. Lastly, Mr. Amanullah stressed the quality of education and he said that it is the need of the hour to educate every child of the country.

Firstly, President of JMIAA-R, Syed Aftab Ali Nizami thanked and welcomed the guests. Secondly, in his introductory speech, he said, “the agenda of the program is to send a message to Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) fraternity that JMIAA-R is with them. And, supports their struggle to save the Indian constitution.” The program was moderated by Dr. Inamullah Falahi.

Above all, Vice-president JMIAA-R Mr. Abid Aqeel, and other cabinet members Mr. Asim Hamdan (Joint Secretary, JMIAA-R), and Mr. Ekhlaque (Treasurer, JMIAA-R) presented the bouquet of flowers to the guests. In addition, former presidents of JMIAA-R, Eng. Khursheed Anwar, Mr. Murshid Kamal, Eng. Aneesur Rehman also presented the bouquet to the guests.


Firstly, the event was well attended by the Jamiates and their family members residing in Riyadh. Secondly, around 450 representatives from the Indian diaspora including dignitaries from other associations namely AMU, Bihar Anjuman, Bihar Foundation, Ehsaas, Awaas, Biswas, Global Jharkhand Welfare Association, Telangana, Bazme Urdu, NRI, Osmania Alumni, Keralite, Rajasthan, Purvanchal, APUS, Indian Community Steering Committee, etc. Lastly, based in Riyadh and several media representatives were also present.

Notable Personalities

Above all, notable personalities who attended the event included Dr. Nadeem Tarin (Philanthropist and entrepreneur), Mr. Mohammad Imran (Principal, IIPS), Mr. Sheik Aziz (Al-Kabeer), Mr. Sohail (Paradise), Mr. Suhail (Friendi), Mr. Subhan, Mr. Shahjahan (Mashal), Officials from RCL/RCA/AR Sports, and other respectable personalities of Riyadh.

Firstly, JMIAA-R also launched its directory by Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khan (Chief Editor, Directory JMIAA-R). Secondly, Mr. Abid Aqeel, Syed Aftab Nizami. Thirdly, respectable members of JMIAA-R. JMIAA-R presented mementos to senior and dedicated Jamiates.

FIrstly, Eng. Khursheed Anwar, Secondly, Mr. Ehsan Choudhary, Thirdly, Mr. Aneesur Rehman, Mr. Zafar Bari, Mr. Arshad Bari, Eng. Ghufran, Mr. Ayaz, Dr. Tansir Ahamad, Dr. Inam Falahi Mr. Safeer, Mr. Sallahuddin, Mr. Istaba, Mr. Mustufa Abidi, to name a few, for their unprecedented hard work and devotion to making JMIAA-R so vibrant and successful.

JMIAA Riyadh Cricket Team

The Cricket team felicitated by medals and memento because of their excellent performance last year. They won two tournaments organized by RCL under Saudi Cricket Council. JMIAA-R thanked the Team Manager, Mr. Aneesur Rehman, for his time and dedication towards the cricket team, and captain Mr. Moin Ahmed for his unparalleled commitment towards the team.

More Details on CAA and NRC Seminar

In addition, a group of children sang the JMI-Tarana, Saudi National song, and Indian national anthem under the supervision of Mrs. Sania Nisar, that received accolades from the audience.

Vote of thanks delivered by vice-president JMIAA-R, Mr. Abid Aqeel. Finally, Finally, the event was well appreciated by all the attendee guests, dignitaries from other associations. And, they congratulate the JMIAA-R cabinet for organizing such a fruitful and well-arranged program.

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