Fancy sitting in Fighter Plane or Helicopter in Saudi Arabia

fighter plane
fighter plane

This article is specially written for people who fancy sitting in a Fighter Plane or Helicopter in Saudi Arabia. Yes, you read it right, the first time in Saudi Arabia. People can now feel the rush and enjoy the spectacular views of AlUla. Below are more details with links to book the experience and planes you can experience.

Planes and Pricing

Beech 18 + Flying to the Black & White Volcanoes. The fighter planes which also worked for seeded clouds, delivering mails and towed advertising banners. Here is the link. SAR 1,365

Stinson + An Art Deco Flight – 1942 beautiful plane which operated in WW2. Click here for the link. SAR 1,365

T6 Texan Harvard + Adrenaline Route. The closed cockpit 1940’s plane used by U.S Air force. To book, click here. SAR 1,365

Stearman + Adrenaline Route – 1930’s plane used for racing and several other purposes. Link here. SAR1,365

Last but not the least, 20 minute flight time over the landscape of AlUla. People should arrive 30 minutes before the flight time for general advice and any formalities. Food and Beverage are not included and transport is not provided to take-off location. To book the flight, click here. SAR 1,255

All Vintage planes and ground crew are properly maintained by experts available at the location. There will be no guide for the fighter plane as you will enjoy the real adventure. Minimum age of flight is 12 or over.

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