Shoura Council called for study on Negative effects of expat levy

expat levy study
expat levy study

Shoura Council Members called for a study on the negative effects of expat levy. Small hope for the expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. If the study is proven to be more negative than positive. There is a possibility of decreasing or removing the levy. However, nothing is being confirmed officially.

Expatriates have been helping Saudi Arabia in pushing the country forward for decades. The Expatriate Levy introduction forced some foreigners to leave the country because of unaffordability. However, recently the council members are asking to carry out a study of imposing fees on workers. The study will focus on economic and social areas affecting the labor force and Saudia’s Economy.

Topics discussed besides Expat Levy Study

Saudization in Private Sector

On the other hand, Dr. Samia Bukhari asked the ministry to increase Saudization in private sectors. Her suggestion to achieve this will be through attractive wages and employment in key wages. An increase in the minimum wage is also part of her suggestion.

Suffering from Nitaqat Program

Osama Al-Rabiah mentions the suffering of sectors by following the Nitaqat Saudization program. The main sectors affected by this program are contracting, operation and maintenance.

More Details

Other Members of the Council also focused appointing Saudis on key posts. It will help in decreasing unemployment and optimize the distribution of resources. The Members talked about properly monitoring Small and Medium Enterprises. Complying with the Ministry of Labor and its decision is key to develop the country.

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