Are You A Dream Killer?

dream killer
dream killer

Dream Killer

Javeria Asad – Success and failure depend on the decisions taken by you. These parameters ascertain your performance, what options and choices you have adopted to obtain your goals. And, if you find yourself leading a meaningless life then somehow you are a Dream Killer!

Your outer world has highjacked your inner world and is forcing you to make decisions that can ruin your happiness and personal satisfaction. Behind every goal, there is a dream, and behind every dream, there is a wish to do something with passion, interest, and dedication. But if you are discontent and pushing yourself hard to raise your success bar. Then definitely you have been eminently influenced by the regular trends of the outer world.

These regular trends of the outer world force you to think that success evaluated by high salary slips. And, a luxurious life against your inner dream. And, somehow you are not strong enough to take decisions out of the box. Therefore, in the end, you surrender and ultimately end up killing your dreams as a last option.

  • If you ever wished to play with colors as an Artist, these trends of outer world portray.
  • Banking is a much more profitable field.
  • If you have desired to write literature, these trends push you to go with Engineering. It may have a better career path.
  • If you have dreamt to become a Musician in your childhood. These trends drift you towards Degree in Business Administration as it might be more beneficial for you.

These trends grab your potential, self-esteem, confidence and make you coward. They don’t allow you to indulge your dreams to see yourself living with your wishes. This fear of society forces you to kill your dreams and bury all your wishes convincingly.

Research says that more than fifty percent of people not satisfied with their jobs. They have become money-making machines and leading a robotic life. Because they adopted the profession based on pay scales, but not what they wanted from their lives.

They need to embrace the fact that money can’t buy everything. To add meaning in your life you need to spend some quality time with your family and friends for positive energy, but late working hours and overwork engulf these happy moments.

As I described above, someone having the least or no interest in his professional job would absorb and demand more energy from him to increase the productivity level. Tom Rath in his book, ‘Are You Fully Charged’, says “Craft Your Dream into Your Job”. Every day you let something keep you from following a dream, you lose an opportunity to create meaning.

It is high time to educate our next generation to elevate their hobbies as their careers. We need to make them realize that their dreams are bigger than everything. We need to enlarge the canvas of our thinking for them so that they are able to paint their future with their own chosen colors.

This feeling of liberty to craft their dream into their career will add meaning in their lives and they will be able to lead a balanced and optimistic life, as composed and satisfied personality. Once they find themselves satisfied and content in their inner world, eventually they can set up a new trend for others to grow together.

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