Another success for the Oxford Vaccine – September distribution looks promising

Another success for the Oxford Vaccine
Another success for the Oxford Vaccine

Another success for the Oxford Vaccine in the United Kingdom. The planned or discussed September distribution looks promising but still more testing is currently under process. The University of “Oxford” in Britain is also advancing research into the expected vaccine against the Coronavirus. Details below.

Another success for the Oxford Vaccine – September distribution looks promising

It is expected that the university will publish the results of its preliminary experiments on the Corona vaccine in the scientific journal “Lancet”, which revealed information confirming that the vaccine succeeded in generating antibodies that resist the virus, as well as what are known as T-cells.

Although the success of the vaccine in the formation of these cells, which constitutes a major breakthrough, it will not count on the vaccine until after the results of the experiments are announced in its third stage within weeks, in order to ensure its efficiency and the absence of side effects for it.

If the Oxford University vaccine is successful, it will be available in the market by the end of next September.

The medical journal “Lancet” said, on Wednesday, that it will publish, next Monday, the data of the upcoming clinical trials for the first stage of a possible vaccine for Covid-19 disease developed by “Astra Zeneca” and the University of “Oxford”.

A spokeswoman for the patrol said: “We expect this data, which is subject to final editing and preparation, to be released on Monday, 20 July for immediate publication.”

More than 100 companies and research teams around the world seeking to develop vaccines to fight Covid-19. Including at least 17 vaccines that currently tested the vaccine in humans to test their efficiency.

Current Situation

The new Coronavirus has claimed 579,938 people worldwide since it appeared in China in December. According to a census of “AFP” according to official sources until 19:00 GMT Wednesday.

More than 13,407,780 people officially infected with the virus in 196 countries and regions since the outbreak began. With seven million and 264,600 people at least recovering.

These figures only reflect part of the actual number of infected individuals, as many countries only conduct tests for the most serious cases. While other countries give priority to conducting tests to track contacts of infected people, and the number of poor countries has limited examination capabilities.

Source: Al Arabiya, 2020

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