All New Riyadh Safari Experience Near You

riyadh safari
riyadh safari

Riyadh is opening many events and activities for the people of Riyadh. This time Riyadh Events are bringing “All-New Riyadh Safari Experience Near You”. The event is part of the General Entertainment Authority initiative to increase tourist attractions and entertainment. Riyadh Season has already brought many tourists to Riyadh but with these fun activities, the sky is the limit.

What is Riyadh Safari?

If you visit Riyadh Safari, you will able to see domestic and wild animals very closely. These animals are usually not available to interact within daily life. You will also learn about their natural habitat and experience the most exciting meeting with nature. Most of the time these events are targeted for families with kids but we think this will be a great experience for everyone. Friends can also go in groups to enjoy at this event.


Date: From 1st November – 15 December 2019 – 11:00 am – 09:00 pm

Tickets Prices from SAR 50 -SAR 150. These tickets are sold at the gate but we suggest you buy these tickets from Virgin Megastores to avoid any disappointment at gates. However, you can always buy these tickets early from gates as well if you are a good planner.

Click here to buy the tickets from Virgin Megastore online. You will need your credit or debit card for this.

Location: Click here for location – Nofa Resort, Riyadh

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