The Horror Festival – Riyadh Season

horror festival xpress riyadh
horror festival xpress riyadh

Horror Festival – Riyadh Season

The first ever Horror Festival Started in Riyadh Season. This type of event was never even imagined before in Riyadh or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There is a big hype of the event already. Due to great event, we think this may become yearly most awaited event. There are many live characters and the event is unique in its own way. Here are some of the things which you may like if you are planning to visit.

Zombie House

There is a zombie house inside the horror festival. The house is a mix of artificial and live characters which makes it scarier as you won’t know where they can come from. The traditional artificial or fake characters become predictable over time but individuals may try different techniques to scare you.

Horror Maze

There is also a horror maze which is must visit. The characters can scare you from anywhere and you will need to complete the maze with all the horror. Make sure you are a daredevil and patient enough to complete the maze. Please note that it is not for weak hearted people to enter the Horror Maze. Once you enter the Horror Maze, there are fewer chances to go back.

Joker & Mummy

Some of the known characters or figures which you will encounter in the Horror Festival are Joker and Mummy. We all know much about The Joker from the recent movies. However, Joker has been a mad character of DC Comics since a long time. Get Ready to face the madness of Joker. On the other hand, the ancient Mummies are also available at the Riyadh Seasons’ Horror Festival.

Other Things to See

The management and employees working at Riyadh Season are also dressed to scare you. As it gives you a vibe before even entering the Festival. The staff is friendly but they will also try to mess with you and scare you.

There are also some short films which you can see in the projection. This is located before you enter the Horror Festival. Further, the event is also showing artistic work from Hollywood. It shows you how they create zombies or scary characters. It is an interesting thing to see as we don’t see this every day.

There are also games and activities inside the Horror Festival. You will have the chance to return the favour to zombies by shooting them. You can win prizes by playing these games which makes it a group fun place. You can visit the Horror Festival with your friends and family.

Please note that pictures or videos are not allowed inside the horror festival. We also encourage you to enjoy the place and not get caught by breaking simple rules.

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