A Guide of Road signs with its meaning – Traffic Rules

road signs
road signs

Road Signs are very important when you are driving on the road. These road signs are also taught during driving lessons. But unfortunately, with the time you can forget these or need reminding. It is always crucial to share this with new drivers or download an app or keep a paper copy with you in case you are not sure. Not following these rules can cause you jail time, fines or serious accidents.

Warning signs

Warning Signs are advised to the driver but mandatory ones. Not following or ignoring these can cause accidents, damage and even fines in some cases.

Warning Signs
Warning signs
Warning signs

Prohibitory Road Signs

These are the signs which can cause you fines and prohibitory on the road. Not following these circle red signs can cause you fines and considered traffic violations. Read Traffic Violations fines information from here.

Prohibitory Signs
Prohibitory Signs

Mandatory Signs

These signs are guidance for the driver on how to drive. Think of it as a google map giving you directions. But people use to drive with the help of these only in the past.

Mandatory Signs

Temporary Warning Road Signs

Warning signs are made with yellow and red colour to get the attention of the drivers. Because these are usually in the area of roadworks. These signs are mostly temporary but some of them can be long term.

Temporary warning Road signs

Informative Road Signs

These road signs help drivers to navigate and provide directions. It also gives you an idea of where you are and where you are heading towards. It includes Roads, Exits and other important signs.

Informative Road signs
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