Training Workshop for Kids by the Rise Club

workshop rise club riyadh xpress
workshop rise club riyadh xpress

Training Workshop by Rise Club

Sana Bashir, Jubail – Rise club has once again conducted a successful training workshop for kids in order to make useful and funfilled winter vacations.

Mrs. Shahid Khan and happy hands club organized a four-day workshop providing all the utilities and facilities for this course which is explained and taught different types of handwriting to kids. The trainers worked very hard while focusing on the kids.


The Rise club supervisor, Rabia Meer was in charge of overlooking the complete event. She also provided her precious time and work to meet the vision of the event. The event was a huge success. This can be said by the positive feedback received from the guests. Later Rabia said she is very happy and Rise Club will do this type of event in the future said, Rabia Meer.

The Special Guest of the event, Maham Cameron, from a happy hands club, appreciated the work and said: “The educational school of kids is improving exponentially“. She was very impressed with the efforts Rise club put up for the success of the event.

To sum up, the workshop, Madeeha Kashif gave an appreciation award to Mrs. Tarentum Khan.

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