Saudi Arabian Tourism – A Remarkable Change in Graph

ksa tourism xp
ksa tourism xp

Saudi Arabian Tourism

Saudi Arabian Tourism – The heart of Middle East with its abundant history has finally opened its doors for people to explore. The Kingdom known for its rich culture and heritage in the world. The country grew out of its stereotypical image since the past few years because of increasing exposure in social and economic sectors.

Needless to say, that tourism is one of the sectors on which the Saudi government keeps committed attention to making Saudi as a top destination in the world. Mainstream tourism is something the Kingdom never is known for in past decades. It is a well aware fact that the Kingdom is home to two Holiest cities for Muslims, Makkah, and Madinah.

The general perception is that only devotees visit the country for the annual pilgrimage. But, after studying the census of Saudi Arabia’s tourism activities over previous years, it has grown immensely. Sense of globalizing the country with tourism may have hit the authorities late but it’s surely improving with time. Thus, the world is getting to experience a new era in the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia has been positioning its efforts towards its tourism sector. Relaxed accessible visas compared to previous years, including secular tourism by introducing entertainment ventures. Entertainment ventures like cinemas, amusement parks, music concerts, and festivals. These are top strategies to increase Foreign Direct Investment in their Vision 2030 plan initiated by the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

General Authority for Statistics

According to the General Authority for Statistics issued by the Saudi Government, revenue earned from tourism in 2010 was SAR 111.9 billion (USD 29.84 billion). And, only in the span of six years, USD 4.9 billion, in 2, increases it.

The authority of the World Travel and Tourism council recently released data. Stating that tourism added 9% to the total economy of the country worth 65.2 billion dollars. In 2019 contribution by this sector expected to be worth 70.9 billion dollars with rapid growth. Comparing the revenue income with tourism sectors throughout 8 years (2010-2018). It can be observed that the tourism industry, on the whole, has expanded by 62.26 million US dollars.

This remarkable progressive change in the Saudi Arabian tourism sector has opened numerous employment opportunities for both Saudis and expatriates. And, with impressive growth statistics as observed above, it has let the country to represent itself in the global tourism industry in a more productive way. With all the facts stated above, it is clear that the Middle East is more than just “Dubai” or “Pyramids”.

Exploring Saudi Arabia

  • Explore the Kingdom with an open heart and discover beautiful metropolitan cities like Jeddah also known as the Bride of Red Sea.
  • Riyadh with heart whelming view from the Kingdom Tower.
  • Most visited hill stations like Al Abha and At-Taif. And, definitely not to miss out on the historical architectural places like Madain Saleh and Old Diriyah.
  • From authentic Saudi Luxury to Desert’s rich cultural simplicity, nothing is to ignore when one plans to explore the Kingdom.

Airlines – Saudi Arabian Tourism

Many airline companies including Emirates offer great deals for booking flights to Saudi Arabia and with their Emirates promo code. And, it is much easier to book a flight and visit the country if a potential tourist makes up his mind to planning a vacation after deciding to visit the country. The question which most of the tourists have in their mind is what is the best time to visit the Kingdom?

As per local surveys, it is definitely during the winter season between the months of late October and early March. As the weather is considered as pleasant compared to the rest of the year. Still no need to wait long to hunt the hidden treasures of Saudi now and always.

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