Riyadh inaugurated online platform “Khairat” to help people in need

Riyadh inaugurated online platform "Khairat" to help people in need

Riyadh inaugurated the online platform “Khairat” to help people in need. The purpose of this online platform is to help people in difficult times of COVID-19. People who cannot work and where they were affected can take benefit of this service. The affected families will also get support with this initiative. More details below.

Riyadh inaugurated online platform “Khairat” to help people in need

The official Saudi Press Agency report mentions that an online platform named Khairat (blessings) inaugurated on 3rd May 2020. The project is supervised by Riyadh Governate. Governor of Riyadh Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Bin Abdulaziz inaugurated the platform himself. People will need to register to Yakeen Service as per the report. The link is active for Donors but not for the request to be made. But this will be available soon. Here is the link (Source: Sabq):

The Governor confirmed the support and motivation for charitable and community works by the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and HRH Crown Prince. He also thanked the participating bodies in achieving the goals of the initiative, urging on contribution and donation to it.

SPA, 2020
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