New Traffic Violations Points System in Saudi Arabia

traffic violations points system
traffic violations points system

Saudi Traffic Department is trying is going to implement Traffic Violations Points System. The new system is expected to be implemented in the next 6 months. Currently, there is no point set point-based system in Saudi Arabia but there are still strict laws against traffic violations.

The reports say that Saudi Arabia suffers more than 1,500 traffic accidents daily. More than 40,000 people injured annually. 80 percent of these cases motor-related. The current traffic violations like speeding only impose fines but no points. So, these fines made repeatedly because of no points system.

Proposed Traffic Violations Points System

The new proposed system based on 24 points. Once the driver reaches 24 points, the licence would be revoked. The violator loses license for 3 months if the 24 points are for first time within one Hijri year. The Second time causes 6 months license revocation. The Third time within one hijri year, the license will be withdrawn for one year. The Fourth time within one Hijri revokes license permanently.

Breakup Violations system in KSA

  • Drug or Alcohol influence driving costs 24 points.
  • Drifting is a major issue in Saudi Arabia because of that 24 points.
  • Red Traffic light – 12 points.
  • Driving on the wrong side of road and traffic flow – 12 points.
  • High-Speed Maneuvers on public roads – 8 points.
  • Driving without brakes, failure to comply with traffic police direction, failure to stop the vehicle at the stop sign and failure to give way for the right driver will cost 6 points.
  • Speed Limit Exceed in 25 KM/h zone costs 6 points.
  • Prohibited areas crossing costs 6 points.
  • School Bus areas crossing when children are boarding cost 4 traffic violations points.
  • Seat Belt – 2 points
  • Mobile Phones – 2 points

Please note these points can change as it is only proposed plan. The implementation starts in the next 6 months.

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