New Jawazat Services announced for Absher Users

Visit Visa Extension allowed by Jawazat
Visit Visa Extension allowed by Jawazat

New Jawazat Services announced for Absher Users in Saudi Arabia. The additional services will help users to communicate with Jawazat online and with the use of its Absher Platform. Absher has become an essential portal for the people of Saudi Arabia and it is centralizing all the information in one place. The 2 new additional services announced by Jawazat is related to communication and under the “Messages and Documents” section. More details below:

New Jawazat Services announced for Absher Users

The latest two new services which have been announced include Notification Cancellation of absent from work for domestic workers (also known as Huroob). And the second service is where Exiting the country and no return. With the latest 2 new additions, below are all the services that you can utilize now.

  • Iqama or Resident Identity Problems
  • Visa Problems
  • Issues Updating passport information and transfer of information
  • Issues of transferring services and altering the profession
  • Suggestions for developing more services
  • Extending the visit visa for Yemeni Nationals.
  • He went out and never come back (NEW)
  • Cancel a report of Absence (NEW)

Users can access the above services by logging in to their Absher Account > Electronic Services. After Electronic Services, look for services icon and go to My Services. Under My Services, you will see Messages and Documents. You can write about your case in the box once you select the correct service. These services allow users to communicate with Jawazat via an online platform. And due to current conditions, it is better to utilize online services rather than waiting or visiting crowded places.

Source: SPA, 2020

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