New Artificial Intelligence Technology for Traffic Violations

artificial intelligence riyadh xpress
artificial intelligence riyadh xpress

Another update from the traffic violations department was released earlier this week. The Traffic Department is also known as Muroor has been working in the installation of special equipment in Jeddah. The new Artificial Technology focus on fixed and mobile methods to monitor speed limit violations.

Busy roads will be cover with the help of civilian vehicles that belongs to muroor. The traffic department will monitor the violations between 30 – 260 km/h speed limits. The speed limit usually depends on the road, for instance, highways, busy roads, etc.

The Governor of Jeddah was also present at the inauguration where he was briefed about the technology. The Head of Traffic Department thanked the Governor for his support of continuous innovation and implementations. The aim of the Traffic Department is to reduce the road accident caused due to speeding. Speeding is one of the main causes of accidents in the Kingdom. It has been a challenge for Traffic Violations Department for ages. The new Technology will help the department to fight the issue and teach safety.

How Traffic Violations AI works?

Similar Systems for monitoring traffic are already available in Riyadh Province. It initially launched in 150 vehicles. After the success in the capital city. The system expanded to other cities in the Kingdom. The latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are part of this project. It also focuses on driver behaviors such as mobile usage or focus. Further, it can also detect the seat belts on the driver and passenger side.

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