Expat Dependent Fee to remain SAR 400 next year

dependent fees saudi arabia
dependent fees saudi arabia

Expat Dependent Fee

Ministry of Finance said recently that there will be no change in the expat dependent fee. The expatriate levy was implemented to increase the revenues besides oil. According to the Ministry, these new type of sources beside non-oil revenues is creating sustainability.

How much will be Expat fees in 2020?

The Expatriates Levy started in July 2017 with only SAR 100. The expat levy increased in 2018 by SAR 100 and became SAR 200. The current year’s (2019) expat levy is SAR 300, recently the shoura council wanted a study to keep the fee for the year 2020 the same as 2019. However, with the latest updates from the Finance ministry, it will go to SAR 400 per month. The fee of SAR 400 will be implemented on 1st July 2020. Expatriates Levy for each dependent will be SAR4,800 per year.

Examples of Expat fee in 2020

For a family of 1 spouse and 1 kid, the cost will be 4800+4800 = SAR 9600 per year

For a family of 1 spouse and 2 kids, the cost will be 4800+4800+4800 = SAR 14,400

Foreign Employees Fee

Recently, the ministry also released a statement about foreign employees’ fees. From 1st Jan 2019, companies with equal or more Saudi Employees than foreigners had to pay SAR 500. Companies with more expats than Saudis would pay SAR 600 per month levy. In the year 2020, the expat levy will be increased to SAR 700 and 800. Unfortunately, the expatriates may become a liability in this case. Companies may review a number of expatriates in the companies again. This can result in expatriates losing jobs.

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