Elite Club KSA hosted a workshop in Al Khobar to launch Connected Women

elite club women riyadh xpress
elite club women riyadh xpress

Elite Club KSA

Javeria Asad – Elite club KSA hosted a workshop in Al Khobar to launch ‘Connected Women’ for the very first time in Saudi Arabia. Connected women, an International organization works for female entrepreneurs, professionals, and freelancers. The workshop planned by Javeria Asad, founder of Elite Club KSA, together with club senior entrepreneurs Saba Idrees and Shazia Ali. A good number of female entrepreneurs and professionals joined the workshop from various nationalities including the Philippines, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Russia Jordan, etc.

The agenda of the workshop designed on a few interactive presentations containing practical ideas and leads aligned with international guidelines for entrepreneurship.

After welcoming the guests, Javeria Asad shared an introductory and launching presentation related to Connected Women organization with an overview of its working methodology. Followed by some slides based on the idea of converting hobbies into a career to make our life more meaningful.


Saba Idrees shared some guidelines on how to start a home-based setup with limited resources. Shazia Ali explained the importance and power of marketing to connect with the community. Numera Mohsin, a guest speaker, said in her speech that in this man-made world women are facing glass ceiling effects. Stereotypes by society are the major road blockers over the globe. Men and women made equally so why to behave differently? Breathe, believe and march forward by being yourself.

Later, a panel discussion arranged to have an active interaction with the audience. The panel team included Elite entrepreneurs Zehra Zahid, Shafaq Imran, and Ghazal Usama. The audience and guests enthusiastically took part in the discussion and acknowledged the efforts of the management.

Finally, all attendees presented with Appreciation certificates. Above all, it was another major milestone achieved by Elite Club KSA and another credit to their success in collaborating. And, bringing multiple nationalities under one roof for a meaningful session. In addition, the event vastly appreciated by all the respected guests. They showed a willingness to participate in upcoming future events of Elite Club KSA aligned with Connected Women.

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