Residents Can Invite Relatives with the All-New Saudi Arabia Host Visa

host visa
host visa

Saudi Arabia Host Visa

Saudi Arabia Host Visa – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be starting an all-new Host Visa to invite relatives very soon. The New Visa will be available from the Absher portal. The portal has many electronic services and will be able to make the process easy. Currently, the study is under place by the Ministry of Haj and Umrah and Jawazat.

What is Host Visa?

The New Visa will allow Saudi Citizens and Expatriates living in KSA to invite their relatives. The Visa will be valid for 90 days for people visiting from outside Kingdom. The Guest under this visa will be allowed to travel anywhere, stay in a hotel or with their hosts. There will be a limit of three to five invitations per year by each host.

Who can be invited?

It is also been said that citizens will be able to invite anyone. However, Expatriates will only be able to invite close relatives. Previously, close relationships were also allowed in a family visit visa. The close relationship includes Son, Daughter, Spouse or Children. However, it has not been confirmed for the new visa. There may be a possibility that other relatives may come under this visa.


For now, the cost of the Host Visa not announced by the authorities. But, the rumors are that the cost of the visa will be between SAR 400-500 per person. Also, please note that hosts will be fully responsible for their guests. In case of any exit fines, Hosts can be held responsible.

The reason for the above costs is the recent release of a Tourist visa. The tourist visa which was released earlier this year total costs is SAR 440. This Cost is for a year period and it includes SAR 300 Government Fee plus insurance charges and any other fee.

More information is expected to be released very soon. Stay tuned for more information.

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