5 Tourist Spots to visit in Saudi Arabia 2021

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Tourist Spots- Saudi Arabia 2021

Saudi Arabia opens its doors to tourism in 2019. In 2019 Saudi opened visas to many countries. We have made a list of 5 Tourist Spots to visit in Saudi Arabia 2021 which emerged from Tourism. The Government is investing in these cultural sites for visitors.

Elephant Mountain | Al Ula | Saudi Arabia

Heet Cave | Riyadh | Ain Heet | Summers Adventure Spot in Riyadh

Al Ula | Fort | Old Town | Discover Saudi Arabia

The Waters of Umluj – Saudi Arabia’s Maldives

Tourists Saudi Arabia 2021

The Waters of Umluj is named Saudi Arabia’s Maldives. It sounds weird as Saudi Arabia is famous for hot weather and deserts. But Waters of Umluj is one of the most beautiful sites you can imagine in the world. The Fresh clean waters and coral reefs make the area gorgeous.

The place is currently partially off-limits because of the Government’s new plans to increase tourism development. So the project is called as Red Sea Project. The local hospitality and fresh fish is the specialty for the towns nearby.

The Ruins of Al Ula – One of the Best Tourist Spots

Tourists Saudi Arabia 2021

The Ruins of Al Ula recently opened their doors to International Crowd. Currently, they are hosting Winter at Tantora Festival with Hot air balloons like Cappadocia Turkey. The site includes 2,000-year-old Nabatean tombs and most historic sites of Arab Culture.

Tourists Saudi Arabia 2021

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