5 Restaurants serves best Mandi in Riyadh

mandi riyadh xpress
mandi riyadh xpress

5 Restaurants serves the best Mandi in Riyadh

Mandi is a traditional Arabic dish which was originated from Hadhramaut, Yemen. The dish is mainly made of meat and rice with a unique blend of spices. The citizens and foreigners living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia love mandi for its taste and freshness.

Over time, it has become part of the culture to have mandi every other week. But it is a really important choice of food when it comes to parties or gatherings. Here is Riyadh Xpress’s list of 5 Restaurants that serve the best Mandi in Riyadh.

  1. Cabrito
  2. Shiekh Al-Mandi
  3. Romansiah
  4. Mandi Al Riyadh
  5. Al Najdiyah Village


Firstly, Cabrito specializes in traditional Arabic Cuisine which includes Kabsa, Mandi and other rice dishes. Secondly, almost everyone has heard of this place and a lot of people have tried the food from here. Thirdly, the restaurant form outside doesn’t look very catchy but their food is amazing. The freshness of food and smell literally takes you to another world.

  • Location: Click Here
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Taste: 9/10
  • Family Section: Available
  • Parking Space: Medium

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