Wedding hall, hotels, and event providers protocols to resume operations

events canceled coronavirus
events canceled coronavirus

Wedding hall, hotels, and event providers protocols to resume operations has been clarified by the Ministry of Health. These measures must be in place in order to open to provide a safe environment for guests and staff working in these places. These staff workers include receptionists, cleaners, hosts, and anyone visiting these places. More details below.

Wedding hall, hotels, and event providers protocols to resume operations

  • Party or event workers must wear masks at all times, including workers in the reception area and cleaners.
  • All Attendees must wear masks all the time.
  • Workers in the reception area must disinfect hands with an approved alcohol disinfectant regularly while working, taking or delivering tours, reducing contact, and maintaining the social distance between attendance in the reception area.
  • The reception of female receptionists should be reduced to personal attendance items such as gowns (Abaya), etc., and attendees should be directed to place personal items in designated places without touching them from others.
  • Safes for personal belongings and mobile phones disinfected periodically, and each person or family must have a safe box.
  • Bridal makeup services permitted in wedding halls with a commitment to the application of the women’s beauty salons protocol.
  • Groom service or attendance cars allowed.
  • Commitment should be committed to disinfection of surfaces every day, before and after each use of the hall, focusing on places where contact is more likely, waiting areas, door handles, dining tables, seat rests, elevator keys, etc.

More Protocols

  • Dirt removed with soap and water before disinfection. For disinfection, use disinfectants such as sodium hypochlorite and follow the instructions on the product in terms of concentration and method of use.
  • Care must be taken to purify the toilets and bathrooms every day with disinfectants approved by the Food and Drug General Authority.
  • Follow the detailed instructions in the practical guide for cleaning and disinfection of public facilities to combat Covid-19 infection issued by the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control.
  • A record of disinfection times for surfaces and toilets should be kept.
  • Hand sanitizers distributed and placed in prominent places.
  • Ensure good ventilation at all times and after using the hall.
  • Air filters for ventilators, especially air conditioners, changed or cleaned periodically.
  • Preferrable to use single-use (disposable) utensils and cups for eating and drinking.
  • In the case of food buffets, contact items such as lids for food containers, spoons, tongs, or a person assigned to take over the task of opening the covers and distributing food for attendance should be avoided, provided that he is obliged to wear personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves.
  • Hospitality services such as serving tea and coffee allowed and placed on the designated tables with a commitment to wearing masks and gloves.
  • The dining areas in the halls implement all restaurant protocol procedures regarding the application of health requirements.
  • The halls in the furnished hotels and apartments apply all protocols for tourist accommodation facilities.
  • The halls in the breaks implement protocols for recreational spaces.
  • The time allowed to use the wedding halls should not exceed five hours.


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