Second Wave of Coronavirus concern after China cases re-emerge

Second Wave of Coronavirus concern after China cases re-emerge

Second Wave of Coronavirus concern after China cases re-emerge. With the re-spread of Corona in China, where today (14th June 2020), the country recorded 57 new cases which is a comparatively huge surge in the number of injuries, and with the increase in cases in other countries, experts fear the return of a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. More details below.

Second Wave of Coronavirus concern after China cases re-emerge

Experts pointed out that this possibility ranges between medium and high, and depends on the gradual easing of restrictions, the extent of people’s commitment to them and their awareness of preventive measures.

The regional director of the World Health Organization in Europe advised the need to continue to follow the isolation procedures in a deliberate manner, as the situation today is not better than it was at the beginning of the year, in the absence of any treatment or vaccine for the disease, according to the WHO.

On the timing of the second wave, the Russian Federal Authority for the Protection of Consumer Rights suggested that the second wave of the virus be during the wake of the acute respiratory viral infection (SARS), so it is possible that “Covid-19” will return next fall.

But at the same time, the WHO regional director for Europe, Hans Cluj, stresses that the second wave is not inevitable.

Tips to avoid a second wave of corona

However, health experts advise to continue taking some measures to counter the second wave of corona, which are:

  1. Maintaining social distance.
  2. Wash your hands.
  3. Wearing face masks.
  4. Avoid crowds.
  5. Wash clothes regularly.
  6. Avoid rush hours.
  7. Staying home if symptoms of the disease appear.

Source: Al-Arabiya, 2020

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