Saudi Water Academy launches a New Identity and Strategy

Saudi Water Academy
Saudi Water Academy

Saudi Water Academy launches a New Identity and Strategy

Jubail – WAS – The Saudi Water Academy, the academic arm of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), launched its new identity and its strategy that is scheduled to contribute to the strengthening of the future of the desalination industry and develop its technologies.

The launch ceremony, organized last Sunday, was sponsored by His Excellency the Governor of SWCC, Eng. Abdullah bin Ibrahim, in the presence of Their Excellences, CEO of the National Water Company, Eng. Nimr Al-Shibl, CEO of Marafiq Company, Eng. Mohammed Al-Zoubi, and CEO of ABB, Eng. Muhammad Al-Mousa.

During the ceremony, the Academy revealed its recent directives that aim to reinforce the basic pillars of the water desalination industry, based on the Kingdom’s leading position in this field, which will upgrade the workforce capabilities, refine their specializations competencies, and enhance their leadership competencies by utilizing the international training programs and advanced methods and specifications, investing the Academy’s cumulative experiences and successes over four decades, which have successfully enhanced its competitive position and qualified it to become the favored destination trusted by water industry professionals.

In this direction, the Academy announced another set of training programs that aim to enable their active, leading, and specialized competencies to help them design, implement and operate innovative water solutions, in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, notably the “Leading Knowledge Content in the Field of Reverse Osmosis and Plant Design” program that highlights the latest technologies in the desalination system design, best technology practices, and stages of membrane development, in addition to the program of “Supporting Water Sector Leaders Locally and Internationally”, the first of its kind for leadership development in the water sector, which aims to strengthen governance and localize capabilities with the view of raising operational efficiency.

The Academy also offers the Green Program for Sustainability and Environment, which includes specialized training courses in the environmental field utilizing the best practices, panel discussions, reports, workshops on environmental practices, and knowledge transfer, in partnership with various leading and internationally accredited bodies including the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) and the British CIM Institute.

Addressed by international experts from various entities, companies, and institutes, SWA programs include intensive training hours under the guidance of notable experts, field visits to the latest industry innovations, and classes about the basics of developing a professional relationships network, and experiences exchange.

The strategy also enhances the advanced standards of international partnerships and accreditations, including the American ACCET Accreditation Organization, the British City & Guilds Center, and the King Abdullah City for Energy. The strategy also involves concluding a number of agreements and memoranda of understanding in this field with a number of agencies, companies, and specialized institutes, with the aim of transferring knowledge, provision of innovative solutions, and exchange of experiences and joint cooperation,

Saudi Water Academy

In the capacity of its new identity, the Academy concluded a number of agreements and memoranda of understanding with a number of regional and global bodies and institutes, with the aim of transferring knowledge, provision of innovative solutions, and exchange of experiences and joint cooperation, including agreements with the British Water and Environment Association and the International Water Association (IWA), and obtained many international accreditations and licenses, including the (IAIDL) license in artificial intelligence leadership that authorizes it to evaluate, train and provide the license in this field, in addition to its partnership with progressive organizations and universities such as Harvard University, Stanford University, and Pearson VUE.

Starting from the beginning of November, the Academy will provide the opportunity for trainees from the Kingdom and various countries of the world, to join its advanced programs and courses.

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