Saudi Arabia R Number or Current Rate of Transmission – Coronavirus

Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia from Day 1 - Daily Cases, Recoveries and Mortalities

Saudi Arabia R Number or Current Rate of Transmission has been updated by the Ministry of Health. The R Number is the rate of transmission in the area. The rate of transmission is directly linked to lockdown, curfew, the spread of the virus, and gives an estimation on when Coronavirus will end. So what is the current condition in Saudi Arabia and globally?

An R of 10 means this virus would transmit from 1 person to 10 people and during its incubation period which usually between 1-2 weeks these 10 would see 100 people and infect them, who would in turn infect 1000

Ministry of Health, 2020

Saudi Arabia R Number or Current Rate of Transmission – Coronavirus

The Ministry of Health released a video where the spokesperson of the ministry explains the current condition and what Kingdom did to reach here.

It was estimated to be around 4 at first, then got decreased to reach a value of 2-3 and with a number of actions which eventually helped the government to push the R number toward 1.

Ministry Of Health Awareness Website, 2020

The global rate of transmission of R number is reported between 2.5 – 3.5. This means 1 affected person will spread the virus to 2.5 or 3.5 people and so on. The lockdown and curfew have helped the Kingdom to bring the R down and continuous measures will keep this number further down. Countries, where R is close to 0, means the rate is not widely present in the society or safer regions.

However, we are not done yet. This is all upto us to further bring this rate down with the help and advice of Health Ministry. Together, we can fight this virus.

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