Saudi Abstract Artist Zahra Al Nahrawi stressed to be proactive during Quarantine

Saudi Abstract Artist Zahra Al Nahrawi stressed to be proactive during Quarantine

Zahra Al-Nahrawi is a Riyadh based Saudi abstract artist and a founder of the “WE Are All” Art initiative supporting young talents. She’s grateful to have the normalcy in her life in the current times by doing abstract paintings that she termed as quality time.

Waqar Naseem Wamiq, Riyadh – We are going through strange and unsettling times in lockdown situation and being quarantined ourselves amid of Corona Virus Covid-19. We can either spend these moments in waste or utilize this time to our advantage as a qualitative and creative one.

Saudi Abstract Artist Zahra Al Nahrawi stressed to be proactive during Quarantine

Born and raised in the Saudi capital Riyadh, Zahra Al-Nahrawi has many positive ideas to spend quality time during the quarantine period, “I would like to point out that there are many many activities and practices that we can do to convert the boredom into an enjoyable time, such as reading and creativity. I am doing both, reading some of my favorite and new books and painting my imaginations and perspectives that really make me feel good”, she said.

Zahra Al-Nahrawi stressed to be proactive especially during quarantine so you get back to your routine life as normal afterward, “there are many innovative ideas that can be applied to spend quality time, but we must first remove the negative thought that we are forced to stay at home, this is at first and foremost for our own better health and the betterment of our generations to come”, she added.

Zahra Al-Nahrawi

presents a selection of her new paintings to the readers of RX.

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