Riyadh Municipality Closed 232 facilities for violating Government’s Guidelines

riyadh municipality riyadh xpress
riyadh municipality riyadh xpress

Riyadh Municipality

Riyadh Municipality Closed 232 facilities for violating Government’s Guidelines. The activities or checks were performed by Amanat Al-Riyadh. They officially tweeted the below information stating which non-essential business they found violating guidelines. This shows the capital city of the Kingdom is taking every step to minimize the spread of the virus. Details below.

Riyadh Closed 232 facilities for violating Government’s Guidelines

The 232 facilities of different several businesses have been shut down over the past three weeks and 2,186 regulatory tours. This includes non-essential establishments like Gyms, Re-creational centers, cafes, hotels, etc. Here are some more details:

  • Commercial Establishments – 888 Rounds and closed 35 for violating.
  • Notifications – 283 Rounds and 62 Closures for violations.
  • Hotels – 38 Rounds and no closure
  • Food Carts – 337 Rounds and 112 closed for violations.
  • Complaints on 940: 283 rounds & 62 closures.
  • Commercial Centers and Public Places – 106 Rounds and no Closure
  • Gyms and Recreational/Games Centers – 11 Closed for violation and 453 rounds.
  • Popular Cafes, resorts, and other cafes – 91 Rounds and 12 Closed.

The official post can be seen below.

Riyadh Xpress

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